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About CHB Foodbank

CHB Foodbank has been providing food parcels to the CHB Community for over 35 years, supporting community need, health and wellbeing. We would like to thank our team of volunteers, our funders and the community of Central Hawke's Bay for all their support over the years with food, financial donations and various items throughout the year. Without you we would not be able to provide this service to those who need it.

If you would like to make a donation to the CHB Foodbank, please contact us or go to koha/donations.


Our Services

Our service provides food parcels to the people of the Central Hawke's Bay community, by assisting those who need support and are facing financial hardship at a challenging time.

We assist whanau who are impacted financially with food parcels at this challenging time to help support them to stay out of or get out of debt. This has short term benefits of meeting the need immediately and reducing the stress and long-term benefits of reducing further financial debt and the stress related to this.

It is ok to ask for support and that is why we are here.

We thank the many whanau who have used our services when needed and then contributed with donations when these challenging times have passed, in order to support others. CHB Food bank feels privileged to be part of this community, supporting each other.

There are many contributing factors to food insecurity in our community. We recognise that the challenges faced by many are very real. Food is an essential item that all whanau should be able to access easily without it being an added stress to day-to-day life. In our experience we are noticing more and more whanau are struggling to put kai on the table due to many factors.

We work locally and nationally with various working groups such as the Kore Hiakai Zero Hunger Kai Collective to create food security in our community.

GetTing support with a food parcel

If you are experiencing a challenging time financially and require food assistance, please contact us. Our food parcels vary to cater to each individual/whanau. For that reason and to eliminate any food waste we require some details about your current situation.

Phone: 06 858 9891 | Email: | Mobile/Text: 022 135 8051

We will contact you for more details and a pick-up time. You will find information in your parcel such as cooking ideas, where to receive budgeting advice and other agencies that maybe able to support you here in Central Hawke's Bay.

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CHB Food Secure Network

CHB Foodbank are members of the Food Secure Network.

In August 2020, the Food Secure Network was developed to work towards creating Food Security and sustainability in Central Hawkes Bay. The Central Hawke’s Bay District Council,  partner organisations and stakeholders from across the food systems locally and from a wide range of sectors including local government, health, economic and environmental sustainability, worked together to develop the Food Security Action Plan. The Vision is that “Every person in our community has access to affordable, nutritious and sustainable food to meet their cultural and dietary needs”.

The Central Hawke’s Bay Food Secure network drives the implementation of the food security plan, responding with solutions that reflect community aspirations and meet local needs. This allows a forum for collaboration, identification and pooling of resources and abilities needed to drive the development and implementation of the plan.

“Can Do” Food bank Drive

PGG Wrightson in collaboration with CHB Foodbank run the “Can Do” Foodbank drive in CHB in November each year. This is a community driven event involving many community services coming together to support the CHB Foodbank to provide and support food security in our community. We thank all those involved in making the event such a huge success.

Nga mihi ki te hapori

community Koha

CHB Foodbank supports the Community Koha app initiative

Community Koha is an app which enables sustainable sharing, community collaboration & the gift of giving! Community, the people coming together with a joined purpose. Koha, to give reciprocally with love. Connect quickly with charities, businesses and other households who have donated koha in your community. Community Koha works towards reciprocal, sustainable giving, and connecting our communities. Show the world what is possible when we work together!

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